BazePort Content Services

With BazePort comes a series of services called BazePort Content Services (BCS). Not only is BCS the core to keeping your system always up to date, it also provides you with content for TV, Video and Radio.

BCS provides local TV, Video on Demand and Radio services either on your BazePort installation, or as a stand-alone setup. With BCS you can have your entertainment system always updated with News, Sports, TV-series and movies even when you are sailing/operating outside the footprint of a TV-satellite. Or your can have it from home (area dependent) when operating on the other side of the world.

E.g. you can offer your crew on a vessel outside Brazil, TV from Europe. Or have your vessels in New Zealand have new Hollywood blockbusters appear automatically in their VoD library. Get news broadcasts from home for your officers sailing blue water crossings, where there are no TV satellite available. This is just some of the ways you can use BCS, and create an even better crew-welfare service for your crew.


Remote-TV is a service that provides access to local TV content from home, available for you anywhere in the world. Select which programes you would like to whatch through an account on . Remote-TV will record the broadcast, and make it available on your BazePort infotainment syste