Operations Management

BazeField® is designed and used for gathering information, provide tools for monitoring, analysis and planning, and feed this into the decision makers in a role based organization, needed to be able to make high quality and safe operational decisions and actions at the right arenas.

BazeField® Operations Management is a set of modules for structuring and standardizing company-wide decision making. It consists of applications and modules that provide a set of tools to document, follow up and structure all decisions in alignment with the company's best-practice work and decision processes.

The decisions are anchored in sorted and analysed real-time data, which through BazeField is presented for the right roles and in a user interface that is configured to a cover the needs of a specific work process or meeting.

Some benefits are:

•Higher efficiency and uptime
•Reduced operational costs
•Decision traceability and resource planning
•System driven continuous improvement work

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