Graphical visualization

BazeField® includes an easy to configure web based graphical visualization tool. It provides functionality that makes it possible to configure web pages that combines real-time and historical data that gives the end-user both a quick overview, and drill-down functionality in one module.

Displayed data may be process values from the control systems, but also calculated values, such as performance figures and KPIs.

Graphical visualization

The graphical display in BazeField is a web page that displays real time state of process parameters calculations etc., either through standard or custom built visualization objects (numeric controls, trends, traffic lights, gauges etc.). Custom built visualization objects are easy to create.

The process of creating new graphical displays requires no software programming skills and consists of five steps:

  • Create a background image that contain all static information
  • Create a list of tag names and display objects for all tags that will be displayed
  • Create the display with display management tool in BazeField
  • Open display in dashboard editor. Drag and drop object to their correct position
  • Publish display to portal

Create Graphical Visualization

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