City of Oslo awards Baze IPTV contract

Baze Technology has been awarded a major IPTV order from the City of Oslo.

Statoil has awarded Baze Technology the contract for Wind Farm Management System (WMFS) for Dudgeon Offshore wind farm

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm is an offshore wind farm being developed 32 km north of Cromer off the coast of Norfolk, in the North Sea, England. The wind farm is owned by Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited, a subsidiary of Statoil, Masdar and Statkraft, and will consist of 67 Siemens 6.0 MW turbines, having an installed capacity of 402 MW.

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Fred. Olsen Renewables select Bazefield® Wind Farm Management system

The BazeField® system will be implemented on Fred. Olsen Renewables' existing wind farms within Q1 2015. It includes 241 turbines and 583 MW installed capacity, further growing over the next years. The majority of the portfolio is located in UK, and also the sites in Scandinavia will be included in the system.


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